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Good Teachers Never Quit™

Item type: Book

Get up, stay up, and keep going!

"Good Teachers Never Quit" is the motivational coach for new (and experienced) teachers who want to enjoy a long, fulfilling, and prosperous career.

In this small, easy to read, power-packed book, Joe Martin, "America's #1 Educator Motivator," personally shares with you 50 simple ways to keep you recharged and re-energized (both in and out of the classroom) by showing you how to...

achieve your goals faster

communicate better

reduce your stress

save and create time

rebuild broken relationships

eliminate worry

overcome procrastination

strengthen your faith

overcome your fears

boost your confidence

...and much more

Joe says that if this book doesn't improve your attitude on the job, then your book is broken, and he'll give you a full refund for it.




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