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Stop Parenting & Start Coaching

Item type: Book

Stop Parenting & Start Coaching is the revolutionary guide to motivating, inspiring, and connecting with your teenager.

Joe Martin, Carol Carter, and Gary Izumo combine their more than 35 years of teaching, coaching, and parenting experience into a heart-warming story that shows frustrated and confused parents (and teachers) how to succeed at helping a teenager succeed.

In this book, parents learn how to:

- face and overcome a parent's greatest fears

- break through their own self-limiting beliefs and child-sabotaging behavior

- break through the barriers of communication with their teen

- coach and motivate for results

- get what you want from your teen while giving them what they want

- get them to respect you without demanding it

- build mutual trust that will last a lifetime

Finally, a book on parenting teens that makes sense and can actually help even the best parent to navigate the teenage years! Most parents are pleased if they can just 'maintain' a relationship with their teen. This book, if put into practice, can prevent parenting disasters, restore damaged relationships, and build bridges for lifelong communication with your children. This might be the parenting manual that we've all been waiting for. It is a must read for every parent!"
-- Dr. Richard Simpson
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Conejo Valley School Unified School District






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