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When Students Just Won’t Listen (ebook)

Item type: eBook

As a teacher (or parent) of a teenager, have you ever found yourself uttering any of these (or similar) phrases:

  • “Why do you refuse to listen to me?”

  • “I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall.

  • “You really think you know everything, don’t you?”

  • “I’m just telling you this for your own good.”

  • “I’m just trying to stop you from making the same mistake I’ve made.”

  • “You think I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

  • “Why do you insist on learning the hard way?”

If you have, and you’re the teacher or parent of a teen or pre-teen, then this E-book is for you. Having educated, addressed, and successfully “motivated” more than a half million teenage students over the past 14 years, Professor Joe has decided to share his secret in cracking the code in communicating with teens: the strategic use of QUESTIONS!
In hid E-book, “When Students Just Won’t Listen,” Joe shares with you 21 of the most powerful questions you can use to “get through” to almost any teenager. Each one is tried and proven – and Joe gives you specific instructions on how to use them and when to use (and why they work).
This is a MUST HAVE resource for anyone who has to instruct, inspire, influence, and/or interact with teenagers (including pre-teens). Here are just a few of the 21 student behavior issues Professor Joe attacks head-on in his “no holds barred – tell it like it is” style:

Students with bad attitudes

  • Students who negatively influence others

  • Students who waste time (yours and theirs)

  • Students who think they know it all

  • Students who hang around the wrong crowd

  • Students who are angry and bitter

  • Students who make excuses

  • Students who are bored with school

and much much more.

And since the book is in digital format (.pdf), you can have it on your computer in less than a minute. So download your copy TODAY so you can "get through" to your teens tomorrow.





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