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Product and Services for Teacher and Educators

Educator Motivator Audio Seminar Series

Breaking Through Bureaucracy - with Dr. Martha Saunders

Get a Grip on Your Life, Career and Classroom - with Prof. Joe Martin

Getting Parents More Involved in Education - with Chat Sue

How to Connect for Respect with Children - with Carol Carter

How to Go the Distance as a Teacher - with Terri Brown

How to Make Math Fun for Children - with Joe Evans

How to Motivate a Teenager - with Prof. Joe Martin

How to Survive the First Three Years of Teaching - Earl Hankerson

Making a Difference Outside of the Classroom - with Brenda Cannon

Teaching & Reaching the Gifted - with Freda Abercrombie

Teaching Children Financial Responsibility - with Sanyika Calloway-Boyce

Understanding the At-Risk Student - with Dr. Carmi Carranza

New Teacher "How To" Reports™

How to Effectively Ward Off Student Behavior Problems Before They Occur

How To Find Out What You Need To Know About Each Student Before It’s Too Late

How To Get Off To A Great Start Before The Going Gets Rough

How To Get Students Excited About Learning

How To Get Students To Perform Better After Failing

How To Get Students To Raise Their Level of Performance Without Even Saying A Word

How To Get Through To Any Student (Yes, even the tough ones)

How To Instantly Earn The Respect of ALL of Your Students Without Threatening Them

How To Make Sure Teaching Gets Easier and More Exciting Year After Year

New Teacher University Bookstore

Are You The Man? - 201 Lessons I Wish My Dad Would Have Taught Me

Lessons from the Road - Inspirational Insights by Leading Speakers in Education

Gifts and Handkerchiefs

Good Teachers Never Quit™

How to be a Master Networker

Making the Most of High School

Stop Parenting & Start Coaching

Study Skills for High School Students

Tricks of the Grade

When Students Just Won’t Listen (ebook)

New Teachers' National Conference

Workshop & Presentations

Phase 1 : Teacher Preparation

Teach and Grow Rich


Phase 3 : Self-Management

Stress-Free Teaching


Phase 2 : Student Connection

Motivate to Education


Phase 5 : Teacher Maintenance

It’s Good to be U.G.L.Y.


Phase 4 : Team Management

Can’t We Just All Get Along


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Be a Pro-Change Teacher


Teach it Forward and Reap it Forever


Teach Outside Your Comfort Zone


Teaching is Not About Us


Believe in What You Teach


Don’t Get Teacher Amnesia


First Things First on the First Day!


From Teaching to Leading the Lazy


How to Teach and Motivate the Un-motivated


Go for Your Teaching Goals




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