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Based on demographic data from NCES, the “average” teacher in America is 42 years old, female, Caucasian, and has 14 years teaching experience.

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Closing the Gap

I recently returned from a speaking engagement at the North Carolina Raising Achievement Closing the Gap Conference in Greensboro, NC. About an hour before my presentation, the director of the conference sat down with me to go over the last minute items concerning the event. We reviewed the objectives of the conference, the mission, and what we wanted the audience to take home from the conference. Mind you, this conference was attended by close to 4,000 people. It was definitely a sight to see.

As we discussed the program, one of the things he emphasized was his desire to help educators understand the “root” of the problem we face in “raising achievement and closing the gap” among our students (especially students of color). His passion and concern for the students were evident in his face and his tone. He actually inspired me just listening to him.

Well, as I stood on the stage separated by two huge projection screens, overlooking a sea of a few thousand educators, administrators, and service providers in the state of North Carolina, I decided to hit the “root” of the problem immediately and relentlessly.


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Where are the Parents?

Last night, I had the privilege to be a guest speaker at a wonderful event hosted by the Pinellas County School District - celebrating parents, volunteers, and mentors from the local community.

I was overwhelmed with joy to see the number of parents who came out to support, encourage, and appreciate the efforts of their young people. But unfortunately, this hasn’t been the norm as I travel from city to city and state to state all over this beautiful country.

I’m concerned when I see more parents in the stands at a high school athletic event than at a high school PTA meeting. I’m constantly asked by teachers, “Joe, what can we do get the parents more involved in the life of their children?”


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Celebrate You!

I just returned from a trip from frigid Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after conducting a great half-day program with a group of private school teachers and administrators.

First of all, being a native Floridian, it still baffles me why people actually “choose” to live north of the Mason Dixon line. It’s beyond my comprehension. But I digress.

We discussed “stress," its impact on the classroom teacher, and how to alleviate it. Obviously, you see why we needed a half-day program just to “address” the topic.

As I continue to travel, I’m discovering new challenges and obstacles that can literally suck the life out of a teacher. So I won’t even begin to list the number of “stress creators” in our profession.

Instead, I wanted to drop you a quick note on an idea to help you reduce the stress in your life – even if it’s only for a little while.


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Posted by: Professor Joe Martin • 2008 /03 /30 • Discuss This Entry (1) Permalink



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