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“By far, your program was the most popular and most talked about program at our annual state conference. They say that staff and administrators can be one of the toughest audiences to connect with; but your energy, humor, personal stories, and metaphors, not only got everyone to pay attention, but more importantly, you got them to feel your message and your passion. You definitely have a unique way of encouraging people and at the same time challenge them to give a little more and be a little better. I guess that's what makes you a great teacher. You'd make a great administrator, but I know that's just wishful thinking on my part. Keep teaching. By the way, we want you back next year!”


Education Leader: H.A. Scott, Associate Executive Director, Florida Association of Community Colleges



“Your ‘Give & Grow Rich’ program was exactly what our new teachers needed before the school year started. What can I say, you came highly recommended and you still managed to exceed our expectations. You were inspiring and motivational as well as instructional. Your unique style of enthusiasm, humor, and imagery captivated our teachers and held their attention from beginning to end. I can't tell you how much they raved about you after the event. Not only did you ensure the success of our new teachers, you planted seeds in them that will benefit our students for years to come. I look forward to working with you in the future.”


Education Leader: Dr. Cathy Wooley-Brown, Director, Florida Charter School Resource Center



"Joe's presentation was outstanding...from the verbal comments made by our staff and trainees, especially the comments gathered in the evaluations from our administrators, there is no question that Joe's session was the best received and made the biggest difference."


Education Leader: Henry J. Jibaja, State Director, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA - FL)



"Joe is truly dynamic. He has the total package...he not only holds his audience's attention through his showmanship, humor, and heart touching stories, he has a story to tell. I would recommend Joe to anyone who has a staff who needs to hear it like it is and how it can and should be. He can light a fire under anyone.”


Education Leader: Dr. Thomas Rezek, School District of Escambia County



“Joe is a real talent, but more importantly, his heart is in the right place. There is a great need for what he has to offer, and I’m delighted to know he’s in the speaking and training field.”


Business Leader: Zig Ziglar, International Speaker & Best-Selling Author



“There are speakers who give a good message, and then there are speakers who change lives. Joe is a life-changer who just happens to be a phenomenal speaker. He’s simply amazing!”


Business Leader: Gary Tuerack, President & CEO, Tuerack Training International



“Unbelievable! Very few people can demand the respect of military officers, especially if they’ve never served in the military, but you not only earned their respect, you blew their minds. They’re even more clear on their purpose to serve our country than they were before."


Business Leader: Honor Bell, Director, Chief Naval Education and Training



“I will never use the word impossible again. We thought no one could every light a fire under this staff, but you proved us wrong. The person who recommended you should get a raise.”


Business Leader: Cheryl Mallory, Mail Carrier, U.S. Postal Service



“Every year we bring in some of the top speakers in the country, and Joe, you proved that either everyone else is overcharging us or you’re not charging us enough. We saw immediate results from our staff, and our execs can’t stop talking about you.”


Business Leader: Deborah Malishan, Program Director, Central Intelligence Agency



“You really love working with students and it shows…Your ‘Tricks of the Grade’ seminar really made a positive impact on me and changed my academic career.”


Student Leader: Brian Thompson, Booker T. Washington High School (FL)



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