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Phase 4 : Team Management

Can’t We Just All Get Along


Problem: Teachers are struggling to flourish in a negative, and sometimes hostile, work environment of teachers and administrators with “bad” attitudes.


Objective: to get teachers to collaborate and cooperate with each other by developing trust, teamwork, and compassion for one another as they do their jobs


Format: Workshop Only | Duration: 90 mins. to 2 hrs.



  • Are some of your team member's egos the size of Mount Rushmore?

  • Are on-the-job personality conflicts starting to bring back childhood memories?

  • Are some people spreading gossip like their getting paid for it?

  • Are past pains and problems keeping your school from focusing on the future? OR

  • Is apathy spreading like contagious disease?

Well, even if you think it's all of the above (or even more), the good news is that there's still hope?


Our program "Can't We Just All Get Along" will help your school erase these excuses from its daily vocabulary.


In his usual, highly-energized, motivating, fun and entertaining way, Professor Joe Martin, "The Educator Motivator," will help to heal some of the past hurts of your school's team and its members. Through strategically designed, interactive exercises, "Can't We Just All Get Along" will help your staff to "understand each other" better and focus on the big picture and purpose of their jobs.


These powerful exercises (from the simple to the more complex) will help your team achieve the following:

  • become more empathetic to the needs of others

  • step out of their individual comfort zones and become active participants

  • become more united and committed to each other and the school's goals

  • focus on responsibility and accountability to each other

  • learn proven methods and strategies they can put into practice upon returning to work

This is a wonderful program to use to kick off or end any school year!


So don't take a chance by only hoping (or praying) your school's staff will "just learn to get along." Insure their success by setting aside two hours (even less) to set the stage for a successful school year! Your students will thank you.



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