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Phase 5 : Teacher Maintenance

It’s Good to be U.G.L.Y.


Problem: Teachers sometimes become complacent after surviving the first few years of teaching and are at risk of getting into a “comfortable” teaching rut that stunts their professional growth.


Objective: to help teachers re-evaluate their personal commitment to teaching by observing the habits of “highly ineffective” teachers


Format: Keynote or Workshop | Duration: 30 mins. to 2 hrs.




• Are you constantly falling short of your professional potential?
• Are you doing just enough to get by (i.e., going through the motions)?
• Has “good” become “good enough”?
• Are you a habitual “people pleaser”?
• Do you often feel “out of it” and lethargic on the job?


If so, you may be suffering from a popular affliction called “cute-ness disease.” “Cute-ness disease” usually includes any of the following symptoms (as they relate to work, home, or relationships):

• Desire to give up
• Burnout
• Poor attitude
• Laziness and apathy
• Anxiety and worry


Professor Joe Martin has discovered what he calls “the greatest secret” of the motivationally supercharged…they’re too U.G.L.Y. to be cute!


In his passionate and hilarious style, Professor Martin discusses the five ways the motivationally supercharged are different from the motivationally challenged.


In what audiences describe as “an unforgettable program,” Professor Joe will show your staff how to:


• Deal effectively with rejection and disappointment
• Become more persistent in the face of adversity
• Deeper your level of commitment to your professional goals and objectives
• Become more productive by tapping into more of your “hidden” potential
• Live with more courage and boldness (on the job)


So, take a look in the mirror? The choice is quite simple:


You can choose to “be cute” and content with your current level of success…




You can choose to “be U.G.L.Y.” and committed to taking your success
to the next level!



Don't just HEAR Joe's message, WEAR it! Make a proud statement by showing everyone you're too U.G.L.Y. to be C.U.T.E. with our U.G.L.Y. apparel and products. Just CLICK HERE for details.



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