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Phase 3 : Self-Management

Stress-Free Teaching


Problem: Teachers are burning out quicker because they’re being overwhelmed by the requirements, expectations, and lack of support to effectively do their jobs.


Objective: to teach teachers how to gain control of their career and their life while reducing personal stress due to the demands of teaching.


Format: Keynote or Workshop | Duration: 30 mins. to 2 hrs.



Are you tired of feeling lazy?

… tired of feeling frustrated?
… tired of your certain people pushing your "hot" buttons?
… tired of politicians and parents' unrealistic expectations?
… tired of being micro-managed by your principal?
… tired of people getting on your nerves … period?


Well, you need to GET A GRIP!


This powerful program will help you re-gain your sanity when you feel like going "postal."


Let's face it, teaching's tough, but YOU CAN be tougher.


Let the "America's #1 Motivator", Prof. Joe, show you in this hilarious, but very effective, presentation how to:

  • Take control of your mental and emotional attitude

  • Control the two greatest motivating forces in your life

  • Not let other people (even parents) get the best of you

  • Accept responsibility for your own actions and attitude

  • Get off the emotional roller coaster of anger, hopelessness, and frustration

Stress-Free Teaching is for you if…

You have a short fuse or
You have to work closely with others or
You need motivation and inspiration (most of the time) or
You usually say or do the wrong things at the wrong time.

So don't get mad, don't get even…Get a Grip! Because it's better to get better than to get bitter!



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